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Public Service Announcement   
02:02pm 04/11/2005
mood: busy
Despite this LJ having served me so very very well, I've finally decided to move the majority of my LJ business to nightcity. So I change names like other people who aren't my brother change socks. That's just me. :]

If you want to add nightcity as a friend, go right ahead (I've already added the majority of my flist, except for some journals no longer in use). If not, then don't; as my friend-of list on that account is hidden, I won't notice.

This LJ will not be deleted and may still be used occasionally.

(I remain, however, more purple than you.)

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because this is torts. really.   
10:00am 01/11/2005
mood: bored
Apologies for wasting your bandwidth, but this was too good to pass up: Snakes on a Plane!Collapse )

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foucault is my homeboy   
01:45pm 19/09/2005
mood: piratey
Dear tomusan,

My essay will now critique the meta-récit of the pre-social "individual" in Western liberal legal theory from a postmodern Marxist perspective.


The Devil Incarnate Catriona O'Shane
Seedyville Minister for Attack (& Reload)

Oh yeah, and I'm also, like, alive and stuff.

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Public Service Announcement   
08:05pm 23/05/2005
mood: rushed
Dear all,

I haven't read my LJ flist in about a month. Rather than attempting to catch up, I'm going to pretend the last month didn't happen. If there's anything particularly noteworthy you feel I should know about, do tell, if not, uh, I'll attempt to get back in the lo0p for next time. Okay? Okay. :P


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Random Scenes From Catch's Life, Part The Something Or Other   
04:49pm 01/04/2005
mood: spaaaaaace killaaaaah
STEVE: Hey, what are you listening to?
CATCH: *removes headphone* Apocalyptica.
STEVE: Apoca- what's that?
CATCH: It's kinda like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Rammstein.


fryboy: Why is it you never read your email?
CATCH: I do... just not that often.
fryboy: I check my email about a hundred times a day. You've gotta be the least geeky ComSci student I know.
CATCH: Well, I check my LiveJournal friendslist and my PM box at RPGChat much more regularly.
fryboy: Oh.


CATCH: Hey Catch's Mother, check this out.
CATCH: Btw, happy April 1st.

blahCollapse )

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in case I didn't have enough to do; WRITING CHALLENGE!   
11:40pm 03/03/2005
mood: tired
Here's the deal;

Submit a word (e.g. "narcissistic", "refrigerator"), phrase (e.g. "narcissistic refrigerator") or snippet of dialogue (e.g. "Man, that refrigerator sure is narcissistic") in a comment below.

I'll then write something that contains, if not all of them, then as many of them as possible.

(wirelinejunkie, I contemplated asking you to stay out of this one, but decided to add the 'as many as possible' statement instead.)

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okay it's not really funny but it is   
08:47pm 12/02/2005
mood: amused
I was bored. I was sick of cleaning up my room. I got linked to Gizoogle. Fo' sho'.

silva n reflected hellfire, doggCollapse )

EDIT- ATTN YR 12 KREW: Anyone planning to be violently ill on Monday, or will it be safe for me to show up?

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catch is back. tell a friend.   
12:05pm 02/02/2005
mood: cold

¤Items of a random photographic nature, including my First Ever Urban Exploration Venture at the old Carlton Brewery, may be found over on _street_dreams_.

¤Items of a Catch-like nature may be found this year at Melbourne University. Computer Science/Law, chummers. I never thought I'd say this, but YAY GOVERNMENT. Melbourne should increase its law intake, What A Good Idea.
Intro Maths, since I never did Spec, but Advanced Programming? Me and r4ve are in for an interesting couple of years...

¤Self explanatory;


¤I'm keeping myself out of ham's way for a couple of days- I'm only working Thursday 3-7 and Saturday 7-4 this week. The rest of the time I've been citywalking, buying black pants, taking yet more photos and playing Rez. Yay me.

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fast update   
10:40pm 09/01/2005
mood: haven't posted all year wtf
I'm going away to Rye tomorrow. I'll be back on Thursday. :]

There's a whole lot of stuff I haven't done- I haven't even posted those KMFDM pictures for tcpip, for frack's sake. *wristslap* And there's a whole lot more tasty images from my First Real Urban Exploration still to come. But for now you're going to have to be content with, well, nothing, because I'm packing like a mad thing.

Bye bye then.

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brief note for tcpip and others   
10:45pm 14/12/2004
mood: sleepy
Unequivocally confirmed: KMFDM are appearing at Peril (Elizabeth St), 5pm, Thursday 16th December.

I tried to tell my kung fu instructor about it, actually.

Me: Kick-ass Instructor Dude, you like KMFDM?
Instructor: Wha?
Me: *patiently* KMFDM.
Instructor: MDMA? Great stuff, that. (*Note: SDCA does not endorse drug use in any way, shape or form. Just say no, kids.)
Me: Uh, no, the band.
Instructor: Uhh. Maybe? I dunno. *kicks bag impressively, thereby pretty much ending the conversation*

I need to educate these guys. The up-tempo music they play for circuit training (as opposed to the stuff normally on the system, which is basically what the Crouching Tiger OST might have been like if Dun Tan had had a synthesiser instead of Yo-Yo Ma) is nothing less than le merde, as we say in France. Nothing says I'm learning to kick your ass six ways from Sunday like a rousing chorus of Asche Zu Asche (*Note: SCDA does not endorse mindless violence in any way, shape or form. Just say no, kids.), in my opinion. I think some CD-burning is in order.

Speaking of same, I am listening to Marilyn Manson. Admittedly, the guy is at the very least a bit of a wanker, but his sound kinda says "barfight in a South City goth club 'round closing time", which is, y'know, My Thing.

VCEers: WE MADE IT. OMEDETOU. IBers: Try and hang on a little longer, 'cos the scaling's going to make it all worthwhile. And it's asmodeia's birthday tomorrow... I got your present. I do hope you don't have one by now, given what I went through to get it... (riyuen, don't say anything. :P)

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07:27pm 08/12/2004
mood: giggly
So I was walking out of Target in Camberwell with my brother's Christmas present (Titan AE DVD, $10) when who should I see walking in to Target, about two metres away, but Geoffrey Rush.

(I know it was him. That nose. It cannot be concealed.)

Since he was looking mildly pissed off at the world, I didn't pull out my camera or come out with any dazzling repartee along the lines of "Hi, you're Geoffrey Rush!". Instead, although he was looking at me rather oddly (well, packing a really big dark sling bang and shades tends to have that effect on people. Not my fault it was sunny and I had to carry pyjamas), I simply tossed off what was hopefully a knowing "Hey, I recognise you, but I know you must be sick of teenaged fangirls asking you to say ARRR so I won't make a scene" grin, although it might have turned into more of a "OMG HI BARBOSSA" grin along the way. Hmm.

lainex, if you read this, my camera has been returned to me safe and sound. Hoping you'll do the same. XD

From tcpip and lovesasa, among others;

"If the bill became law, public school textbooks could not present homosexuality as a genetic trait and public libraries couldn't offer books with gay or bisexual characters."

Me and jamoozalee are going to form a metal band called Queens Of The Decaying Undyrworld Pryson. The ys make it more hardcore. Speaking of hardcore, this week I'm working 11-4 on Thursday, 9-1 on Friday. HAMSLINGERS FOR LIFE MAN.

Also, KMFDM appearing instore at Peril on the 16th? :O

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kamera kamera!   
10:21am 05/12/2004
mood: chipper
Finally, I have a camera (as the ex-PLCers of last night's graduation will know only too well). For someone who's spent the past few years walking past every alleyway in inner-city Melbourne and going 'wah', this is a Big Deal. Even if I only know how to use the autofocus so far. (And the self-timer; who needs a tripod when you have a notebook, a snare drum stand and Lateral Thinking at your disposal?)

I put a couple of the shots I took on Thursday up on this journal, only not too many because Photobucket is, as we say in France, le merde, at least when it comes to l'intensive bandwidth use (I cross-posted to a couple of my favourite photography communities and they have membercounts, as we don't say in France, like whoa). And today I shall resize the fzcking hugeness of the graduation photos because I left it on the 4MP setting and everyone looks just a little scary when their face is bigger than the screen. Yes.

Just got the Driv3r soundtrack for no apparent reason other than it looked interesting. It is interesting. It's also a perfect demonstration of just why I like movie/game/TV soundtracks so much. The soundtrack co-ordinators sift patiently through thousands and thousands of songs in an attempt to find the ones that illustrate a particular mood or sequence, or even write original stuff just to fit a certain chase scene or Battle To The Death or string of pretty city lights in the rain, and then I steal it. Nil effort on my part and usually nil expenditure, too. For someone who mainly uses music as a means of getting my head somewhere else, it's a nice arrangement.

I should probably make a new icon, too, this one's getting tired.

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Attn: Jo   
11:35am 01/12/2004
mood: rushed
miss_talamasca, I'm at a netbox in the city (paying exorbitant rates, might I add). We might have to make another day for the Shopping Expedition, seeing as I have no viable means of contacting you other than online. Ahh well.

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06:14pm 30/11/2004
mood: amused
mr ivanov's permanent vacation is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

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10:18am 27/11/2004
mood: awake
Went lovely lovely shopping again yesterday. This shopping was different from my usual "shopping", which generally involves a lot of walking and a lot of music but very few actual purchases. This time I actually parted with money. (And a sizeable chunk of my eyebrows. However.) I even bought something insanely impractical (read: it laces up the back and I can't move my shoulders in it) because it was cheap it's this stereotypically Chinese high-collared satin print in a colour hereafter known as KICK-ASS BLUE.

[/uncharacteristically girly moment]

Have spent the rest of my unencucumbered time, what there's been of it, in a more typically Catch-type way- reading science fiction, making playlists, finally watching Kill Bill 2, wasting time online, soldering an infrared transceiver to its PCB and not killing anyone in the process (okay, so maybe that's not quite typical). No Sharky has materialised as yet, it's kinda hard to get my head back into that space after so long, but I'll get there. *patpats r4ve*

On that note, a big okaeri-nasai to the Anglesea kRu- I'm actually not working this weekend (although for most of today I'll be at fu and Shark Tale with the Steve), so I'm open to suggestion. Tonight after about 5 and all of tomorrow appears, well, unencucumbered (<- my new word. worship it). Call Me Call Me.

Also, there is so much music I want right now.


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The Amazingly Fast-Paced Life of Catch O'Shane Strikes Again   
03:08pm 21/11/2004
mood: predatory
¤Exams over yay.

¤No, really, YAY.

¤Working in deli. Now very afraid of ham.

¤No, really, AFRAID OF HAM.

¤A certain underworld hitman just bought me both volumes of Kill Bill. Legal DVDs, ooh, novelty value. (What, I can't help being Malaysian.)

¤No, really, MALAYSIAN.

¤Wait, what?

¤I've done nothing but stack shelves and vacuum at Sanity. 'Tis boring. Even the deli is more interesting right now.

¤However, I had what basically amounted to a three-hour lesson on lock picking and disassembly on Thursday afternoon.

¤Also, drinking vodka shots at a casino bar, dressed like a not-very-corporate-pretending-to-be-corporate person whilst poking at various items of electronic gadgetry and dodging suspicious looks from the counterhands is more than Briefcase-Gamey enough to interest me.

¤List of Stuff to Get, as it stands:

-soldering iron
-black pants that actually fit
-shoes to wear to graduation
-another SD card for mp3-player-chan
-That Prodigy album I'm still trying to get (*pokepoke*)
-kung fu slippers
-books with book vouchers
-information about laptops

¤Extremely tasty urban-decay type photo by eutrapelia. Click.

¤Chummers, let us do something sometime. Except not when I'm working, which is ALL THE TIME atm. Fnord.

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Cooking with Catch.   
04:57pm 02/11/2004
mood: because this is study. really.
Episode One: How To Have Breakfast Like Catch O'Shane.Collapse )

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Stephenson on Slashdot   
08:22am 21/10/2004
mood: silly
So I edit my last post on a school computer and now my alt-0164s have been eaten. Bloody Macs. Shikashi; quoth the raven, 404 nevermore! LAST DAY OF CLASSES, CHUMMERS. CAN YOU FEEL THE PWNZAGE.

No, my brain is still not working. Can you tell?

The only real purpose of this post is to point you to the Neal Stephenson interview (courtesy schism_matrix). Pay particular notice to the fight between him and William Gibson.

So far we have made little headway in seeking out his lair of brushed steel and white LEDs, because I had a dentist appointment and Gibson had to attend a writers' conference, but keep an eye on Slashdot for any further developments.

If I ♥ed, I'd ♥.

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See Catch. See Catch make no sense.   
08:36pm 20/10/2004
  ?I'm now officially sick. In the purely medical sense, nothing to do with my state of mind, because we all knew that, kthx. I've done no work today, which I'll wholeheartedly regret some time in the future, but we all know the name of that game.

?I haven't written anything since June.

?I now have two jobs. This is good, because I have $1.40 in cash.

?I drove a remote control car across the stage in assembly this morning. Made it do stunt spins. It was fun.


?Tomorrow is my last day of high school ever.

?Is there some fundamental (undocumented?) link between cyberpunk and the Russian kangaekata? Because a disproportionate number of the urban-decay-image-resource/dystopian-related type sites I've found (to say nothing of the obvious) have been in Russian, and they really seem to hit on the essence of the Underground Element.
Guess I should have kept up with those Russian classes back in Grade 3...

?The school is giving us free food tomorrow.

?I'm actually in the market for a new black bag. *shock* And shoes with heels.

?'Carpet' does not rhyme with 'potato'.

?There's so much music I want.

?I cannot see myself surviving through the next month whilst retaining some semblance of mental function. Everything appears fair-to-middling impossible right about now.

?However, I get to go into the city again on Saturday, yay.

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08:27pm 03/10/2004
mood: okay
Final Japanese Oral exam. Tomorrow, 3:40pm.

And so it begins.

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