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kamera kamera!

Finally, I have a camera (as the ex-PLCers of last night's graduation will know only too well). For someone who's spent the past few years walking past every alleyway in inner-city Melbourne and going 'wah', this is a Big Deal. Even if I only know how to use the autofocus so far. (And the self-timer; who needs a tripod when you have a notebook, a snare drum stand and Lateral Thinking at your disposal?)

I put a couple of the shots I took on Thursday up on this journal, only not too many because Photobucket is, as we say in France, le merde, at least when it comes to l'intensive bandwidth use (I cross-posted to a couple of my favourite photography communities and they have membercounts, as we don't say in France, like whoa). And today I shall resize the fzcking hugeness of the graduation photos because I left it on the 4MP setting and everyone looks just a little scary when their face is bigger than the screen. Yes.

Just got the Driv3r soundtrack for no apparent reason other than it looked interesting. It is interesting. It's also a perfect demonstration of just why I like movie/game/TV soundtracks so much. The soundtrack co-ordinators sift patiently through thousands and thousands of songs in an attempt to find the ones that illustrate a particular mood or sequence, or even write original stuff just to fit a certain chase scene or Battle To The Death or string of pretty city lights in the rain, and then I steal it. Nil effort on my part and usually nil expenditure, too. For someone who mainly uses music as a means of getting my head somewhere else, it's a nice arrangement.

I should probably make a new icon, too, this one's getting tired.
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