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catch is back. tell a friend.


¤Items of a random photographic nature, including my First Ever Urban Exploration Venture at the old Carlton Brewery, may be found over on _street_dreams_.

¤Items of a Catch-like nature may be found this year at Melbourne University. Computer Science/Law, chummers. I never thought I'd say this, but YAY GOVERNMENT. Melbourne should increase its law intake, What A Good Idea.
Intro Maths, since I never did Spec, but Advanced Programming? Me and r4ve are in for an interesting couple of years...

¤Self explanatory;


¤I'm keeping myself out of ham's way for a couple of days- I'm only working Thursday 3-7 and Saturday 7-4 this week. The rest of the time I've been citywalking, buying black pants, taking yet more photos and playing Rez. Yay me.
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