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So I was walking out of Target in Camberwell with my brother's Christmas present (Titan AE DVD, $10) when who should I see walking in to Target, about two metres away, but Geoffrey Rush.

(I know it was him. That nose. It cannot be concealed.)

Since he was looking mildly pissed off at the world, I didn't pull out my camera or come out with any dazzling repartee along the lines of "Hi, you're Geoffrey Rush!". Instead, although he was looking at me rather oddly (well, packing a really big dark sling bang and shades tends to have that effect on people. Not my fault it was sunny and I had to carry pyjamas), I simply tossed off what was hopefully a knowing "Hey, I recognise you, but I know you must be sick of teenaged fangirls asking you to say ARRR so I won't make a scene" grin, although it might have turned into more of a "OMG HI BARBOSSA" grin along the way. Hmm.

lainex, if you read this, my camera has been returned to me safe and sound. Hoping you'll do the same. XD

From tcpip and lovesasa, among others;

"If the bill became law, public school textbooks could not present homosexuality as a genetic trait and public libraries couldn't offer books with gay or bisexual characters."

Me and jamoozalee are going to form a metal band called Queens Of The Decaying Undyrworld Pryson. The ys make it more hardcore. Speaking of hardcore, this week I'm working 11-4 on Thursday, 9-1 on Friday. HAMSLINGERS FOR LIFE MAN.

Also, KMFDM appearing instore at Peril on the 16th? :O
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