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brief note for tcpip and others

Unequivocally confirmed: KMFDM are appearing at Peril (Elizabeth St), 5pm, Thursday 16th December.

I tried to tell my kung fu instructor about it, actually.

Me: Kick-ass Instructor Dude, you like KMFDM?
Instructor: Wha?
Me: *patiently* KMFDM.
Instructor: MDMA? Great stuff, that. (*Note: SDCA does not endorse drug use in any way, shape or form. Just say no, kids.)
Me: Uh, no, the band.
Instructor: Uhh. Maybe? I dunno. *kicks bag impressively, thereby pretty much ending the conversation*

I need to educate these guys. The up-tempo music they play for circuit training (as opposed to the stuff normally on the system, which is basically what the Crouching Tiger OST might have been like if Dun Tan had had a synthesiser instead of Yo-Yo Ma) is nothing less than le merde, as we say in France. Nothing says I'm learning to kick your ass six ways from Sunday like a rousing chorus of Asche Zu Asche (*Note: SCDA does not endorse mindless violence in any way, shape or form. Just say no, kids.), in my opinion. I think some CD-burning is in order.

Speaking of same, I am listening to Marilyn Manson. Admittedly, the guy is at the very least a bit of a wanker, but his sound kinda says "barfight in a South City goth club 'round closing time", which is, y'know, My Thing.

VCEers: WE MADE IT. OMEDETOU. IBers: Try and hang on a little longer, 'cos the scaling's going to make it all worthwhile. And it's asmodeia's birthday tomorrow... I got your present. I do hope you don't have one by now, given what I went through to get it... (riyuen, don't say anything. :P)
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