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>>> egyptian bananas.

Mr Momomoto, Famous Japanese, Can Swallow His Nose.

serious like a feather bullet
15 July
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"The future has arrived, it's just not evenly distributed." -William Gibson

excessivepurple is Catch O'Shane, a sixteen seventeen eighteen-year-old Australian schoolgirl free agent uni student who is, regrettably, still not Molly Millions. She likes ninja, cyberpunk novels, suspicious black bags, futuristic dystopias, neo-traditional weaponry, jazz, redheads, leather jackets, walking at night, sourdough toast, green tea, old trains, skylines, silver jewellery and referring to herself in the third person.

She is not a member of a diabolical international conspiracy in any way whatsoever. Fnord.

She automatically connects the phrase "Pythagorean triads" with "Chinese gangsters in ancient Greece".

She has scarred knuckles, sentient hair, a lot of teeth, a psychic spoon and an unfairly large share of the future running around in her head.

She thinks squid should say "squid".

If you can read this, you're in range.
"......postmodernism", "dolphins are humans too!", "i choose to critique that statement", "your baby is fine", .egyptian bananas, 1984, 23, accents, airport security, alleyways, animatrix, artificial intelligence, being conspicuously inconspicuous, black ops, blade, bladed playing cards, chinatown, circuitry, cities, computers, correct use of punctuation, cowboy bebop, crackin' cryps & cashin' chips, cyberpunk, deadly little miho, defying categorisation, dirty concrete, discordianism, discworld, dj krush, electric sheep, empty streets, espresso, fabricating technical specifications, fight club, fnord, futuristic dystopias, garbage, george orwell, german redheads, ghost in the shell, graffiti, green tea, gritty high-contrast b&w anything, happy cup, harajuku girls, having the best earrings in the world, heist movies, hiro protagonist, hong kong action cinema, imagery, jack's complete lack of surprise, jackie chan, japan, japanese food, jazz, jet li, johnny depp, katalyst, kickass women, kill bill, kmfdm, knives, kung fu, lawyering, little britain, loopholes, lucy liu, manga, mantis, martial arts, meditation, metal skies, mirrorshades, mocking myself, molly millions, monty python, moscow monochrome, movie soundtracks, mr ivanov's permanent vacation, mr ivanov's life insurance policy, neal stephenson, neon, neuromancer, ninja pirates, ninja pirates in space, ninjas, obscure japanese electronica, philip k. dick, photography, pirates, portishead, punching walls, purple, pythagorean triads, rammstein, really good fight scenes, red pills, redheads, ridiculously attractive jackets, roleplay, schuldig, sci-fi, screwdrivers, secret agents, serart, shadowrun, silence, sin city, skylines, snow crash, snow ninjas, society, solitude, sounds of the underground, street dreams, street suits, stupid puns, sunglasses, sw33333t!, swords, system of a down, talvin singh, tattoos, templejacks, terry pratchett, that's a fine coat you're wearing, the briefcase game, the crystal method, the future, the matrix, the only gay in the village, the prodigy, the sprawl, the system, the tao-jones, the underground element, the white crow flies at midnight, theatre of tragedy, trenchcoats, verbing nouns, vodka, we must ninja in the night, what if it was a $4 chicken?, william gibson, william van fnordibiscuit, willing suspension of disbelief, writing, yoko kanno, 日本語